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Plastbau eDeckTM and Plastbau eWallTM are trade mark names that have come to signify Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) or shuttering systems molded from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) according to patented Plastbau Technology. Plastbau Arabia Company Limited (PAL, for short) manufactures the Plastbau eDeckTM and Plastbau eWallTM as pre-engineered products for insulated cast in-situ concrete floor and structural wall applications. Both Plastbau eDeckTM and Plastbau eWallTM are innovative building systems that each embodies the modularity of pre-cast system with the structural integrity of cast in-situ construction.

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• Self Supporting & Standing.• Minimum Bracing & Vertical Sharing.• Equipped to install utilities & receive most type of finishes.
• Effective heat insulation & no thermal bridging.• Reduce job site labour & ease of handling. Increase Productivity in less time.       •-Enhance Quality Control & Increase safety on the site.