External Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS)


Polystyrene sheets are typically used as a  part of the external insulation and finishing system (EIFS) which serves as a cladding system that supplies exterior walls with an insulated and waterproof finish with thicknesses ranging between 5 & 10 cm depending on the level of insulation intended to be achieved.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Constant thermal resistance
  • Measurable energy savings
  • Strength
  • Sustainability
  • No growth of bacteria, nor will it decay over time
  • Dimensional stability
  • Chemical inertness
  • Fire retardant


  • Applying a layer of adhesive on both the wall and the polystyrene panels
  • Fixing polystyrene panels on the wall
  • Inserting mechanical insulation anchor
  • Applying another layer of adhesive over the polystyrene
  • Fixing mesh over the adhesive
  • Primer layer
  • Finishing layer as per choice

White VS Silver Expanded Polystyrene Sheets:

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